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Financial planning is the predetermined use of financial resources in order to accomplish certain goals and objectives.

Planning by allocating limited financial resources among unlimited alternatives. The shorter the perspective on tax planning, the higher the risk that must be taken and/or the fewer the options that are available. Most persons invest by responding rather than planning.

We can provide you with guidance in Planning (personal and business)


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We provide services for non-profit organizations such as churches and charities that need help with issues as:

Registration as charitable organization

Refund of Federal Excise Tax

G.S.T. rebate for public services bodies

Charitable and/or association taxes


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About Us

MORENO MANAGEMENT is a financial consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada. Our job is to ensure you make the most of your financial resources. We help you:

Identify and establish your financial objectives

Gather, process and analyze all of the necessary information in order to use it to build a financial profile

Once everything is prepared, we will develop your financial plan

You will choose different options to implement it in stages and we will monitor your plan on a regular basis, to ensure that it is performing to your expectations and update it when necessary.


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